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The studio

Shapes Studio is a 160 s.q m with a 4m ceiling height, allowing photographers and directors to fully express their creativity across all creative fields (fashion, beauty, luxury, culinary, advertising, etc…). We provide you with what you are in need of.


This unique location is versatile and very luminous due to our large street facing windows. Our team has industry leading lighting and equipment knowledge, which is at your disposal to help you achieve your vision and creative process. Shapes Studio offers you differents packs to go along with your needs et wishes.


Our production team can also help you from the very beginning to end whilst always aiming to surpass your expectations. They can also take care of the post-production and are able to answer your expectations. Our large network is filled with stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, set designers… we work side by side with all of them year round, and would happily recommend Paris’s creative best that is best suited to your project at Shapes.


Shapes Studio also owns a large catalogue of gear and equipment. Most Colorama color paper backdrops are available in stock at the studio. A studio assistant and/or light assistant can be at your disposal to help you during your shoot.


As your preferred creative partners in Paris, we constantly invest in cutting-edge technologies and high-level equipment to make sure we’re always up to date with industry standards. Thanks to our infrastructure, we can welcome ambitious projects and challenging teams to whom we provide high quality services. Our commitment to our clients’ happiness and their recurring trust is our best testimony.