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Available at Shapes Studio

pack of professional equipment available for rent

Shapes Studio Paris also owns a large catalogue of gear and equipment, with cost-effective rates. Most Colorama color paper backdrops are available in stock at the studio. A studio assistant and/or light assistant can be at your disposal to help you during your shoot.


The professional equipment made available by Studio Shapes when renting 

Pack Photo Profoto 8A 2400j



    • 1 generator Profoto 8A 2400j
    • 2 Prohead Profoto
    • 1 Air Remote Profoto
    • 2 autopoles Manfrotto
    • 1 mi-axe Expan set Manfrotto
    • 2 lightweight stand Manfrotto

Pack Photo Beauty



  • 1 generator Profoto D2 1000j HSS
  • 1 Profoto Softlight Reflector 70cm (White or Silver)
    or 1 Profoto Octa 5’ 150cm
  • 1 Speedring Profoto for Octa 5’
  • 1 Profoto AirRemote
  • 2 autopoles Manfrotto
  • 1 mi-axe Expan set Manfrotto
  • 1 lightweight stand Manfrotto