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Available at Shapes Studio

Shapes Studio has a complete equipment, to bring you the required services in order to answer as well as possible your needs. Our professional equipment is constantly updated in order to be in accordance with the latest technologies, to offer you the best possible service for your photo shoot or video shoot. possible service for your photo shoot or video shoot.

Colorama paper backgrounds

We also have the full range of Colorama paper backgrounds, which you can use as you wish. All our paper backgrounds are charged by meter trampled. You can use all the paper backgrounds available at Shapes Studio for free as long as they are in backdrop and are not trampled.

Shooting and video shooting area

Renting the studio gives you access to a creative and original space, which allows you to shoot in a real setting thanks to its handmade concrete wall and its access to the white paper cyclo of 3.55 meters. The latter can be accessorized with different colored paper backgrounds (gray, black, green, blue, white etc.), to be chosen according to your desires and needs. We have all the possible and imaginable colors. You just have to specify the one or those you will need during your photo shoot or video shoot when you make your booking, and we will make sure that it is in stock in sufficient quantity the day of your arrival at Shapes Studio.

Fully equipped area

Your comfort and well-being are one of our priorities. That’s why you have a furnished space with sofas, a coffee machine, as well as LAN and Wifi internet, with two dedicated fiber lines up to 1Gb/s. Shapes Studio’s Lan & Wifi network is entirely dedicated to you, to ensure the best experience for you and your clients during your photo studio and video shoot rental.

Photo Profoto 8A 2400j Pack

150€excl. taxes


    • 1 generator Profoto 8A 2400j
    • 2 Prohead Profoto
    • 1 Air Remote Profoto
    • 2 autopoles Manfrotto
    • 1 Expan set Manfrotto
    • 2 lightweight stand Manfrotto

Photo Beauty Pack

135€excl. taxes


  • 1 generator Profoto D2 1000j HSS
  • 1 Profoto Softlight Reflector 70cm (White or Silver)
    or 1 Profoto Octa 5’ 150cm
  • 1 Speedring Profoto for Octa 5’
  • 1 Profoto AirRemote
  • 2 autopoles Manfrotto
  • 1 Expan set Manfrotto
  • 1 lightweight stand Manfrotto

Set support

If you need a set assistant, a lighting assistant, a digital operator (DIGIT), or specific help for your studio project, we can also support and assist you with competent and friendly professionals. Indeed, one of our first missions is to make sure that all our clients are satisfied and convinced of the services we offer.